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CIA Rant :-)

From a great friend in the business
Chris Roberts:
Chief Security Architect at Acalvio Technologies

Was asked to provide something to a media source….thought I’d post it here too…enjoy..was told to NOT use “its a wake up call….”

1. Of course it’s not a bloody wake up, Oh No! An intelligence spy agency is caught spying…headline news…my ass.

2. Of course it’s not a wake up call, 0Day exploits are as old (almost) as the hills AND the stuff that was in most of the files was nothing new.

3. Tactics, yes nice to see them, but nothing out of the ordinary we didn’t already know OR suspect..

4. Of course it’s not a bloody wake up call when it becomes public (again) that Samsung can’t code worth shit and their TV’s listen in 🙂

5. What IS surprising BUT NOT REALLY is the fact that our CIA friends could have helped THEIR FBI friends get into all sorts of Apple shit…and didn’t

  •  So does the CIA not trust the FBI and it’s inability to retain secrets…welcome to the pot calling the kettle black 🙂
  •  Or does the CIA not want people knowing what we already know…people can break into almost anything, again NOT a bloody wake up call.
  •  Nice to see the CIA practice code re-use, good to see the taxpayer dollars not being spent on re-inventing the bloody wheel, that’s got to be a first!

Chris is always entertaining in his post, thank you Chris !!!!