Welcome to Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

I’m here to help

Would you feel comfortable with an EVIL STRANGER lurking inside your home with you and your family?

If you answered Yes to that… may as well just keep scrolling because this post is totally not for you…

We live in a time where online predators can enter our homes through the devices we use. We call these devices IoT (Internet of Things) I call them “Internet of Threats”. And in many cases you won’t have any idea they are watching or listening to you!

I’m told when I do speaking events that I tend to scare people when it comes to Cybersecurity. If you think this post is meant to scare you then… NAILED IT!

It is important that you take precautions to remove the risk of this happening. You don’t want to be another victim like that child who was talking to the predator through their bedroom security camera!

PLEASE make sure you enable two factor authentication on your accounts. It isn’t bullet proof but it is far better than not having it.

Do this on your social media accounts, your e-mail accounts, your banking accounts and EVERYWHERE that supports it.

I’ll just wait right here staring at you while you go do that…

Did you know that unprotected devices like many internet connected security cameras get indexed on a public site so that anyone can get access to them?

So, PLEASE do me a favor today and enable two factor authentication! If you ever need help setting up two factor authentication or (MFA) Multi Factor Authentication reach out so I can help.

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