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About the author:
Michael W. Reese
Twitter: @MrMichaelReese

I started this blog because I personally found it difficult to locate imperative articles relating to digital technology, i.e., security, forensics, network, encryption, eDiscovery, etc.  I want to assist the public in finding this important information in one location.  I have a passion for security, networking and eDiscovery technologies which I find are the most vulnerable areas of technology that individuals and companies tend to overlook or not put enough value and/or resources toward.

My background involves working in the IT field for over 25 years encompassing security, operations management, project management, process change and development, business development as well as service and product management functions.  I have also managed both domestic and international IT infrastructure and operations for Fortune 500 companies.

I have a M.S. in Information Technology with a minor in Cybersecurity.  I am a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) and a Certified Computer Forensics Examiner (CCFE).  I have worked with Law Enforcement for 11 years and owned an automotive shop.  I want to thank you for visiting and subscribing to my blog thedigitalageblog.com.  If I can be of any further assistance, please contact me directly at:  mreese@thedigitalageblog.com

I can also be contacted for Expert Cybersecurity advise at:
Found IT Data Cyberscurity

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