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Drone Technology Will Revolutionize Security


DroneAccording to John Minor, Campus Safety Magazine advances in drone technology will revolutionize campus security.

And he is on target, so to speak. Done technology will also revolutionize the tactics and techniques for the military and law enforcement in a world becoming increasingly more violent and crime prone. Gone are the days when commanders and cops sent out scouts to surveil and predict enemy or crooks movement. Now, they can put up a drone eyeball and kill the enemy and effectively stop the crooks. Drone bomb drops are now feared by the Islamic Terrorists and likewise, legitimate law enforcement surveillance technology like wire taps and drones will also send shivers up the spines of drug cartels, mafia members, and street thugs. Information is power and drones will certainly send timely information/intelligence to those who keep us safe because.

Commercial drones can be expected to become a key part of future security and surveillance systems, and serve as an especially good fit for the security needs of universities and schools. Drones offer many benefits that stationary cameras cannot, and act as a fast-launching, easy-to-operate, portable and cheap replacement. Unlike fixed video surveillance systems, drones can be deployed at a moment’s notice, and monitor hard-to-reach and high-risk locations. The technology can also provide first responders with real-time situational awareness during campus emergencies. Drones offer a more comprehensive security surveillance system, and could likely be used for many security applications–potential areas including banks, transportation, construction sites, and more. Some of these applications are already underway, such as at BP, which uses drones to inspect the security of oil facilities in Alaska. The company employs 6-foot-long, fixed-wing Puma Aerovironment drones to conduct aerial surveys, and was the first company to obtain FAA approval to do so.

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