The Healthcare Security Conundrum

It seems like ages ago the HIPAA guidelines were adopted. It got a bit more complex as the HITECH requirements and financial implications increased. Following that, Meaningful Use Stage 2, encryption and the like is creating some additional technical challenges. Protecting patient data and wholesale mlb jerseys secure it using best practices that your organization can muster has been the goal. Fast-forward to today, all of the rules still apply, but the game has changed, hacking and breaches from unidentified and even foreign organizations and their intent is even murkier has raised the ante. They know the value of healthcare records and they have had some success at capturing them.

There was a Dustin Hoffman movie from the 1976, ‘Marathon Man’ (yes I am exposing my vintage); the simple question by the antagonist was ‘is it safe’? Poor Dustin Hoffman did not know what, where, how, why and when. He, as well as the audience was the receiver of the pain and fear. We find ourselves a similar situation; instead of diamonds wholesale jerseys it is our health records at risk. There is financial value in our health records, but the bad actors may not be out for only financial gain, it also affects brand value and reputation. The risks and stakes are high and the intruders may already be in our systems just looking around for something interesting.

So the ‘fear, uncertainty and doubt’ routine has reached our executives and they want to know ‘What can we Novy do to prevent this Defense from happening to us?’ Our teams are doing their best to train our consumers of IT services not to ‘click on that link’. The intrigue and creativeness of the hackers are sometimes unbelievable.

There are many examples both inside healthcare and other industries; however, healthcare is a target since the value of a health record is more than just a credit card number. In case you are interested: (HHS Breach Report). The net result is the top ten breaches for the last about 3 years is responsible for 136 Circulair million records. At a value of $ 150 per record has a potential street value of $20 billion.

Hence the fact that | healthcare is a target.

How does VMware approach this area:

First, it is not a product; it is an approach, a layered approach that involves different organizations. Not one company can solve this complex area alone.

Our approach starts with an assessment to help to understand your security risks. We Beautiful also work with several organizations that can help you assess your risk. We provide free tools to provide some immediate feedback. We wholesale NBA jerseys follow that with a ‘Hardening Guide’, which is a step-by-step approach to remediating the risks to your virtual environments. One of the capabilities allows for workloads be wholesale NBA jerseys better isolated through distributed firewall. This approach may include hardware, software and or services.

We have just completed a white paper for you to explore the VMware concept of Security and Network Virtualization for Healthcare (VMware Healthcare Security Whitepaper) and although we may not be able to catch the villain of this story, but we can ‘protect our house.’

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