“Don’t Click” for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Some civilized thoughts:

1. “Don’t click stuff from unknown sources!”

2. Don’t scan (QR codes) from unknown sources.

3. ANY time you scan, you click OR hand over your E-Mail your expectations of privacy have evaporated.

4. Your E-Mail and your Phone number are worth a LOT more than a 10% coupon.

5. Always worth being careful of “cheap” electronics or bargains that just seem too good to be true….

6. Online coupons and online sites, PLEASE validate, check and then DOUBLE check the site, the security, the SSL Certificate AND the spelling before putting in a credit card.

7. Links embedded in emails AND sites AND anything you are looking at CAN and SHOULD be examined very carefully before being clicked!

8. Shopping at the Mall, be careful of the “free web access” people like me are sitting there VERY happy to give you a Chase, Wells Fargo or AMEX login.

9. Need to sign up for something in a hurry? USE A UNIQUE PASSWORD!

And remember if it looks to good to be true…..then it probably is!

Ok, hope that helps

Oh, and DON’T CLICK !

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