BREAKING NEWS: A little birdy got itself hacked. And boy was it an epic doozie!

#Twitter is currently recovering from one of the biggest breaches I have ever seen.

Nearly every major verified account was compromised and perhaps much more.

The criminals Tweeted a clever scam from very wealthy people like Bill Gates asking for $1000 in #Bitcoin (CrimeCoin) and they would give you back double. $2000 for nothing.

Many fell for this “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE” scam even though well… red flag 🚩 🤦‍♂️

What we know so far is it was an insider breach. An employee was either paid off to help the attackers or they were tricked.

Sadly this is a case where strong passwords and two factor authentication will not help.

This is a policy and best practices issue. Lack of detection and alerts… lack of EDR… lack of user risk policies… many fails.

The aftermath of this will be huge. Stay tuned for more.


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